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Techarc – Technology Analytics, Research & Consulting is a new age technology market research firm offering insights and information services to decision makers offering them a neutral and unbiased perspective about the market, product or service.

The focus areas of Techarc include Consumer Tech, Deep Tech, Digi Tech, Edu Tech, Auto Tech and Assistive Tech. Techarc offers subscription based services as well as executes ad-hoc research projects in these domains.

Leveraging some of the advanced technologies (Restech), Techarc research presents a holistic view of the market, product or service in the fastest possible time with neutral perspectives about the business problems and challenges to support forming growth strategies for businesses.

It offers its services to large Tier 1 enterprises, SMEs, start-ups as well as leading advocacy / trade bodies.

Techarc is an institutional member of ESOMAR and MMA. It is the only technology market research group in India with ESOMAR membership.

TAB (Techarc Advisory Board)

Dr M J Zarabi
Dr M J Zarabi

Former CMD Semiconductor Complex Limited, Dr M J Zarabi set up first semiconductor fab in India.  He is an electronics & semiconductor industry veteran and has been on various government committees advising on the technical matters.  This includes the empowered committee on setting up of fab in India.

Dr Zarabi has been on the board of several companies including ITI Limited as well as Chairman BoG, NIT Srinagar.  ‘Make in India’ and India IP are passions of Dr Zarabi and he is seen actively promoting and advising on these at several forums.

Ajay Macaden Techarc
Ajay Macaden

A seasoned market research practitioner, Ajay Macaden served last as the Executive Director at Nielsen South Asia before starting mentoring and advising companies on data driven growth strategies.

Bringing with him very rich traditional market research expertise, Ajay has pivoted it the application of advanced analytics solutions for digital economy that includes digital commerce, digital advertising, D2C, to name a few.  Ajay is an advocate of applying modern tools and techniques in market research to aid speedy decision making, churn actionable insights and develop value driven market insights.

Ajay Sharma Techarc
Ajay Sharma

The ‘street man’ of mobile industry, Ajay Sharma, an industry veteran is among the most widely connected and known business leaders in the mobile handset ecosystem, especially the offline retail and distribution channel.  This unique strength of Ajay, keeps him always updated about the market realities including how the retail partners perceive various mobile OEMs.

He consults all major offline retail partners and is sought advice by several trade veterans about the mobile and other smart devices categories.  Ajay also writes and carries independent analysis of various trends in the market.

Human Capital

Techarc Faisal Kawoosa

Faisal Kawoosa

Chief Analyst

A technology evangelist and a distinguished KOL, as the Chief Analyst, Faisal is responsible for the overall research and consulting offerings at Techarc.

Techarc Ankita Dewan

Ankita Dewan

Senior Consultant

A seasoned market research professional, Ankita drives the consumer insights and other custom studies at Techarc. With rich experience she comes from past experience in EY, Milward Brown among others.

Techarc Radhika Pasricha

Radhika Pasricha

Senior Manager

Radhika drives the ecommerce analytics at Techarc delivering unique actionable insights to the industry. An experienced professional Radhika has served in KPMG and McKinsey in her professional tenure.

Shazia Sadaf

Assistant Manager

Sadaf comes with diverse experience in telecommunications and social sectors. At Techarc she supervises the project management to meet the client SLAs. She also takes keen interest in EduTech as a focus area.

Techarc Isha Maikhuri

Isha Maikhuri

Assistant Manager

A post graduate in Data Science and Business Analytics, Isha is responsible for new age analytics leveraging algorithms to create new offerings replacing the traditional research methods. Prior to Techarc, Isha has worked with Accenture.

Techarc Neeraj Jain

Neeraj Jain

Assistant Manager

An experienced data analyst, Neeraj is the Excel wizard at Techarc. His advanced expertise helps faster and automated analysis meeting client expectations.

Naqshab Hakak


After interning, Naqshab started her full time career with Techarc. She is responsible for unique device analysis including Unboxing Score. An attention to detail analyst Naqshab is a thorough market analyst helping senior colleagues with data analysis, interpretation and charting.

Shipra Singh


Shipra formally kicked off her professional career journey with her joining at Techarc. She assists senior analysts in consumer insighting and ecommerce analytics designing research instruments and crafting actionable insights.

Techarc Seerat Tahoor

Seerat Tahoor


Seerat joined Techarc for internship and later was onboarded as a full time analyst. She is responsible for secondary research across domains to enrich research reports and analysis with granular industry information. Seerat helps senior analysts to connect the data with the industry knowledge.

Techarc Debarpan Mondal

Debarpan Mondal


After successfully completing his internship, Debarpan joined Techarc as a full time analyst and is responsible for the Visualisation of data and insights leveraging Microsoft Power BI, Flourish and other tools. Debu's task is to make visually impactful stories for Techarc audiences.

Akeeda Wani


Akeeda joined Techarc full time after her successful internship. She is primarily assisting senior colleagues in ecommerce analytics besides working on data driven secondary research leveraged to draw insights and trends of devices and other products.

Andleeb Tariq


Andleeb after briefly working with Flipkart joined Techarc for ecommerce analytics. In this role she prepares the data for analysis and develops first level of interpretation used for insights.

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