Techarc Connected Consumer Dashboard
Connected Consumer Market Scan Dashboard

Connected Consumer Market Scan Dashboard

The connected consumer market scan dashboard is a data-rich insightful and interactive report with all analyses based on accurate data and market information.


  • All smart and connected devices offering insights across products.
  • Interactive analyses to customise views as per requirements.
  • Historical data to help draw long term inferences.
  • Rich charts and graphs for easy interpretation and analysis.
  • Quarterly data refresh.
  • Unique proprietary insights developed to solve key challenges of decision makers.

Use Cases

  • Market information including market size by revenue and volume.
  • Market shares of OEMs of a product category.
  • Technology trends tracing the evolution of products.
  • Wax-Wane analysis to identify premium features and create differentiating product offerings.
  • Unboxing score for product price-value benchmarking.
  • Pricing trends including discounts and offers information.
  • Trade information about imports versus domestic production.
  • Brand analysis with key pre-populated charts.

Connected Consumer Dashboard Sample Fig 4
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