Techarc Unboxing Score
Techarc Unboxing Score

What is Techarc Unboxing Score?

Techarc Unboxing Score is a statistically driven method that indicates a product’s superiority in terms of features (specifications) it offers at a specific price point. This score benefits both consumers and brands. For the consumer, it helps in making the best decision possible based on the absolute value provided by the brand. For brands, it gives information about their products and helps them compete in the market.

  • A competition zone is defined based on the price of a particular product.
  • All the specifications and sub specifications are compared within the competition zone.
  • The product (model) offering the best among competition defines the benchmark and all others are compared against it.
  • Based on pre-defined weights, the final scores are computed by summing the individual specification scores and the pricing score.
  • A bar chart is used to visualize the unboxing score of the device and its competition offerings. The benchmark score of the zone is also determined. This shows whether the smartphone in question is above the benchmark or below it.
  • Help consumers in the quick market scan.
  • Guide in making the right purchase decision.
  • Let consumers know what are the current standards at a given price range through benchmarking.
  • Educate buyers about their options.
  • Conduct a quick performance evaluation of their product.
  • Helps in determining market positioning.
  • Conduct competition analysis.
  • Provides insight into buyer's choices and preferences.

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