Product Description

The study was carried out during July-August 2021, with a sample size of 2,000 smartphone users owning a smartphone in the price range of Rs 6,000-12,000.  These smartphone users were owning the device for more than 6 months. Some of the brands that the respondents were owning included Xiaomi/Redmi, Samsung, Lenovo, OPPO, Vivo, Tecno and Nokia.  The study was conducted in Tier 2 cities across the country. Some of the cities covered included Ludhiana, Indore and Jaipur.

The study was based on a GAP analysis done among smartphone users between the expectations they had from a smartphone as a segment and the experience they were getting from the smartphone brand they chose against their expectations. The brand with the least gap between expectations and experience delivered was adjudged as the ‘most rewarding smartphone brand’ in the segment.

Why Most Rewarding Brand? Smartphone is a very personal device and if a user gets a smartphone which exactly meets the expectations or reaches very near, the feeling is very fulfilling or rewarding.  The user feels maximum value derived from the purchase and develops an emotional bond with the brand.  Techarc, basis GAP analysis of expectations at an aggregate level of the segment, and comparing it with the experience that each brand delivers, found out the most fulfilling or rewarding brand in the segment.