Government has a vital role to play in 5G adoption as a consumer

Gurugram – Monday, November 5, 2018: techARC, today released 5G use-cases feasibility mapping for India.  The map plots some of the main use cases of 5G as per their feasibility in India.

The feasibility map plots use-cases against impact in terms of the population it can benefit versus the affordability of the segment or the service enabling entity like the government.

Releasing the report, Faisal Kawoosa, Founder and Principal Analyst, techARC, said, “The government has a critical role in the demand generation in case of 5G services.  The initial feasible use cases are expected to come from organisations including the government.  Hence, the government's role is equally indispensable in the demand creation as in the technology enablement.”

Faisal further added, “Considering the preparedness of the telecom ecosystem, the optimal use of 5G can only start after 2020, which is when the spectrum auctions should take place.  Else, we may auction the spectrum which will largely remain unutilised for a few years.”

The report has put forth the following key recommendations for 5G to be made successful in India across the ecosystem benefiting all the stakeholders from citizens to the government.

  • Government’s proactive role is as critical in demand generation as in the enablement of 5G in India.
  • There is as important rural applicability of 5G as in urban areas.  5G can increase the digital presence in rural India.
  • 'Make in India' should focus beyond Smartphones. A lot of 5G device types will be required other than Smartphones.
  • Government should not haste in 5G auctions.  The ecosystem does not seem to reap from it before 2020.
  • India specific use cases are required to make 5G impactful.  Focussed and collaborate R&D is required to achieve this.
  • Digital India will be transformed with 5G.  There is a need to revisit Digital India in the backdrop of such emerging technologies.
  • NSQF needs a revisit as 5G may wash out the need of low tier skills, especially Levels 1 & 2 in many situations.
  • A special 5G incubation and startup programme may be launched to encourage startups develop the ecosystem for 5G.

Download the complimentary report here.

Research Notes

Below are the important explanations about this research.

  • The feasibility of the use cases is measured on the impact by way of likely population to be benefitted and the affordability of users in that segment including of the service enablers like organisations and the government.
  • The inputs are based on interaction with 30 CXOs / senior professionals in the technology domain across telecom, IT, Electronics having expertise in products, services, skilling, business and strategy.
  • The objective of this research was to achieve the prioritisation of main 5G use cases in the Indian context. In no case, does the research limit 5G only to the listed use cases.

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