By Techarc
OnePlus emerges as premium android smartphone brand of choice in India as per Techarc Premium Smart Tech Survey
September 20, 2022

In the Android ecosystem, the brand also features in leading position among incumbent stalwarts in other product categories such as smart TVs, TWS earbuds and Smart Watch, defining premium smart tech

Gurugram –  In a study conducted by Techarc among the premium Android users, it was found that the trend towards building a smart tech lifestyle is getting stronger.  Users are buying multiple devices with the smartphone being the hub, while smart TV, TWS Earbuds and Smart Watch, the other three key devices defining this lifestyle.  There is also

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By Techarc
iPhone’s exponential growth in India compared to Android smartphones
September 8, 2022

In 15 years, since iPhone was officially launched in India, the aspirational smartphone has grown 140 times in sales compared to Android smartphones which have shown 48 times growth by unit volume sales.

iPhone has always remained a niche smartphone catering to the premium and ultra-premium consumers who not only buy this trendsetter smartphone for features and performance but also as a symbol of their social and economic status. The cohorts of frequent international business travelers and NRIs have a higher penetration of iPhones. At

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By Techarc
5G to pace up revenues for the telecom sector in India with it reaching the landmark revenues of ₹10 Lakh crores by 2023
September 7, 2022

The telecom industry is expected to add ₹1 Lakh crore in every 3 years compared to previous trend of adding the same in 4 years period.The telecom sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.4% between 2020-2025, while smartphones industry will lead the growth at a CAGR of 15.9% during the period.₹2 out of every ₹3 earned by the sector are directly paid by the consumers with the remaining coming from telecom operators and enterprises.Smartphone growth will continue to be backed by upgrade and replacement trends with estimated

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By Techarc
With audio and display emerging as the differentiators, Smart TV users make a call for immersive experiences.
August 23, 2022

In the recently analyzed data by Techarc, Audio and Display have emerged as the prominent attribute of a Smart TV experience over the other features. In the May GAP analysis of expectations versus experience for Smart TVs, 53% of users attribute Display experience as the key differentiator and 32% say that the Audio plays a critical role in defining the experience.

Apart from Display, users now understand the significance of audio in delivering the overall immersive experience while consuming their favourite content over Smart TVs. While analyzing the data it was

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By Faisal Kawoosa
Smartphone industry needs to support gaming industry more effectively
August 11, 2022

There are many potential professional gamers at the threshold desiring to own a gaming smartphone, but can’t afford it.

Over the past few years, the smartphone industry has given increased attention to gaming. The entire ecosystem from chipset makers to the OEMs, all have taken gaming first approach while designing their products. While camera still remains the key specification that buyers look at, the performance on gaming is another area that the users increasingly explore before making a buy decision.

The smartphone industry has been proactively supporting this

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By Techarc
Recent focus on battery and audio by smartphone OEMs resulting in positive impact on user experience
July 27, 2022

The strategy of OEMs highlighting strategic component suppliers for their smartphones is positively impacting the user perception.  While Qualcomm leads in terms of organic recall, Dolby figures among top 3 component (including applications) suppliers. 

Smartphone OEMs have enhanced the Battery experience by introducing great features such as Fast Charging and Wireless charging.  Besides, persistent r&d to increase the power retention in batteries by using different chemicals and materials, has also been received well by the users.  This deep level of focus on battery of a smartphone has resulted in

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By Faisal Kawoosa
Xiaomi’s Flip – India’s 4G Magic Moment
July 27, 2022

While Reliance Jio is accredited with kick starting the 4G journey in India, the role of Xiaomi is no less in making hands 4G ready affordably.

Reliance Jio brought in a disruption when it decided to foray in telecom sector with the latest technology available and take a very bold step. It is always challenging – a double edged sword – when in technology sector one wants to go with the latest having zero or very insignificant penetration while opportunity lies with the incumbent technology. What

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By Faisal Kawoosa
Dissatisfaction with display, camera, and battery back-up among top 6 reasons triggering faster replacements among smartphone users in India.
July 22, 2022

Smartphone users are increasingly becoming content consumers leading to increased dissatisfaction of specifications helping consume content.  Audio likely to be added soon to the reasons.

In a recently concluded study in June 2022, covering 1,000 smartphone users across India owning smartphones in under ₹30,000 price segment, the growing dissatisfaction of performance of specifications primarily used during content consumption features among the top 6 reasons triggering replacement of smartphones within 6 months.

32% or 1 in every 3 smartphone users falling in this price segment changes the smartphone in less

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By Radhika Pasricha
Logitech showcases progression on its ‘climate positive world’ agenda
July 11, 2022

Increasingly technology brands are going for climate friendly products.

I recently attended Logitech’s launch of its First-ever MX Mechanical keyboards and MX Master 3S mouse. Both the products are digital creators’ go-to tools, featuring high-performance mechanical typing and precision tracking. What really got my attention was Logitech’s strong focus on sustainability in producing environment friendly products.

A few highlights that got our notice included:

Use of PCR plastic: most of the plastic (~47%) used in MX mechanical keyboards and MX Master 3S mouse is made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

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