Jammu Kashmir
By Faisal Kawoosa
Smartphone brands need to relook their offline strategy
August 3, 2021

Smartphone Brands Need To Relook Their Offline Strategy

The traditional thinking of ‘Metro first’ needs to be rekindled with changing market dynamics.

UTs of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, contribute to a little over 1.8% of the total installed smartphone base in India. When any smartphone brand’s decision-makers look at this market, it doesn’t look lucrative and doesn’t justify the Return on Investment (RoI) of investing even time in such a market. Compared to this, when they look at Maharashtra or Tamil Nadu as well as Uttar Pradesh, these states contribute in double-digits to the

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Brand Infringment in eCommerce
By Saloni Jain
Brand Infringement in e-commerce: A Key Aspect For Brand Safety
July 20, 2021

Lessons from C-suite leaders

The growing popularity of e-commerce has changed the rules through which buyers and sellers interact. Lowering barriers to enter marketplaces has radically changed the way through which sellers add products digitally and make them available for purchase real-time globally. Moreover, the ubiquity of social media and technological advancements in marketing technology has further made it easy for businesses to create and promote brands in the smartest ways possible. There has been an influx of new brands and businesses in the market on a regular basis, thus, meaning

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