Undecided online Smartphone buyers are not targeted by Xiaomi and Samsung

The two major brands in the Smartphone industry are focusing on users who are looking for smartphones within respective brands.

Gurugram – Monday July 8, 2019: techARC along with mScanIt powered by mFilterIt today launched an exclusive Digital and E-Commerce SOV (Share of Voice) insights and advisory programme for the Smartphone brands.  This helps Smartphone brands optimise their digital advertising as well as E-Commerce strategy and also implement the best practices adopted by successful online Smartphone brands.  As per the insights of the programme, major players like Xiaomi and Samsung are focusing more on users who are looking for Smartphones with a decided mind.  This is showcased by the fact that for brand specific keyword searches, the SOV of these two respective brands is very high – 67% of Xiaomi and 47% of Samsung.

Exhibit 1: Generic Smartphone Keywords' SOV

However, when users are searching for Smartphones using generic keywords, where the user hasn’t made up the mind, other brands (non-Samsung/Xiaomi) combined Share of Voice (SOV) is 38%.  The leaders like Samsung and Xiaomi have no presence in the digital advertising results for such keywords.   As a result, people who are looking for any Smartphone end up landing at advertisements of other challenger brands.

E-Commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart enjoy 42% SOV in case of generic keywords helping other brands to come into the zone of consideration of prospect buyers.

Releasing the report, Faisal Kawoosa, Founder & Chief Analyst, techARC said, “E-Commerce is becoming an overcrowded space for Smartphones and it becomes very important for their digital marketing teams to play their cards well.  They ought to ensure that they are prominently and adequately present in that blink of an eye, when a buyer is looking for a Smartphone.”

Sharing further on the report, Dhiraj Gupta, Co-Founder & CTO mFilterIt said, “Share of Voice (SOV) is an important measure of the performance of digital advertising.  Brands have to be aware of their bidding patterns, positioning as well as placement of ads in a very fast moving dynamic digital environment, where the shelf life of a message or an ad is very small.”

About the Report:  The Digital and E-Commerce SOV insights for Smartphones is a joint programme of techARC (technology – analytics, research and consulting) and mScanIt powered by mFilterIt (digital ad-tech company specialising in ad-fraud).  Using proprietary Machine Learning solution designed and developed by mScanIt, along with the insights’ expertise of techARC, the programme enables Smartphone brands to tweak their digital advertising and e-commerce marketing strategy to earn the maximum share of the opportunity.

The report focuses on the following key elements of digital / ecommerce marketing strategy: -

  • Key words analysis.
  • Bidding pattern analysis.
  • Ad placement and positioning analysis.
  • Segment wise digital advertising analysis.
  • Competitive digital advertising analysis.
  • Advertisement message and pitch analysis.
  • For E-Commerce the programme also has insights about Top resellers of the brands, average rating and the engagement analysis.

About techARC: techARC (www.techarc.net) is a new age technology analytics, research and consulting firm focusing primarily in consumer tech including devices, apps and services.  Founded in 2018, techARC has served over 15 Tier 1 clients in the technology domain with unique insights solutions and is also advising start-ups in the technology marketing and strategy domains.  techARC is based out of Gurugram.

About mScanIt: Powered by mFilterIt (www.mfilterit.com) , a global digital Fraud Detection & Prevention Company, mScanIt (www.mscanit.com) is a digital video advertising relevancy and Brand Safety solution.  As part of the bouquet of services offered, the Digital SOV and E-Commerce SOV tools help measure the efficiency of advertising over digital and e-commerce platforms.  The tools also helps in determining video and YouTube channel relevancy for advertisers as well as identifies the potential Brand abuse, helping marketers in Brand Safety.

Founded in 2015, mFilterIt is part of 6d Technologies, a tech enterprise catering to the telecom sector since 2002. 6d Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with operations in 45+ countries across 5 continents.  mFilterIt serves leading brands in E-Commerce, BFSI, Travel, Telecommunications and other sectors.