After Internet, Immersive experience is all that matters for Smart TVs

Connecting to Internet is fundamental to making a TV smart. However, that only brings in power of several applications, hence content to the screens which users can enjoy. As the screen sizes become giant, the user is not satiated with just the picture quality. The bigger screen with very high resolution only makes the video appear real. But in a movie, audio is as equal as a video.

The smart TV makers have understood this very well that their job is not only to make great screens but also complementing sound quality. In a recent research, we found that user experience has started to exceed their expectations with regards to video and audio. This is because of the proactive measures taken by almost all popular smart TV OEMs who have of recently started to focus on audio quality with same attention as to the display quality.

With the film and video creation technology seen a lot many innovations in the recent times along with the usage of tech led post production, every content creator wants that the audience enjoys and immerses in the video so that the overall experience of the video is enjoyed rather than just the story line or the act. The modern content creators rely on effects to amplify their screenplay and make that impactful presentation before the audiences. Audience also enjoys consuming such content which gives them goosebumps with such technology enabled features.

In today's time, where grabbing attention is one of the biggest challenges while so many distractions are around, especially the smartphone, only a large size screen won't do the magic. It has to let the viewer live in the moment which cannot happen without an equally impressive audio.

Be it an action scene, a thriller, a musical show, a live sporting event or anything that viewers are consuming, thanks to the advent of OTT, a Television is not just about video. All of these when created use several audio technologies to deliver that best experience which can just grab the attention of the viewers. However, what makes it really deliver to the viewers is an immersive smart TV, which has both the video and audio elements complementing each other.