Recent focus on battery and audio by smartphone OEMs resulting in positive impact on user experience

The strategy of OEMs highlighting strategic component suppliers for their smartphones is positively impacting the user perception.  While Qualcomm leads in terms of organic recall, Dolby figures among top 3 component (including applications) suppliers. 

Smartphone OEMs have enhanced the Battery experience by introducing great features such as Fast Charging and Wireless charging.  Besides, persistent r&d to increase the power retention in batteries by using different chemicals and materials, has also been received well by the users.  This deep level of focus on battery of a smartphone has resulted in experience exceeding expectations by a wide gap turning out to be a factor of delight.

Similarly, focus on audio in the recent time, especially since beginning of 2022 has also started to pave positive impact on the experience users derive from the smartphones.  As per the May 2022 GAP analysis, the audio experience closely meets the expectations.  Camera is another area where the gap is diminishing.  However, the gap might never vanish with camera being one of the anchor functions of a smartphone.

With smartphones increasingly becoming the default device of digital identity and communication, security is emerging as another area where users are defining expectations and weighing the experience against it.  This is an interesting trend to note where consumers are now sensing an enterprise orientation.

The key seven attributes have a defining impact on the positive ratings smartphones get on the popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.  Battery leads in terms of getting high order positive rating of 5 and 4, with 79.6% and 82% 5-star ratings being attributed to the performance and Battery quality. This is followed by Camera, Audio, Processor and Connectivity in the same order.

For sometime now, smartphone OEMs have been highlighting the component (including applications) partners of theirs to reinforce their focus on quality by partnering with reputed and credible ecosystem.  This helps in building a being innovative image within consumers.  Among the component suppliers, users inquire about while researching about the smartphones on ecommerce platforms, Qualcomm leads with 46% of the component brand queries, followed by MediaTek.  Together, 76% of the queries regarding component partners are for chipset companies.  Dolby is the 3rd significant component partner with 23% recall among users who post specific queries about the supplier.

Users specifically inquire about availability of audio enhancement technologies like Dolby, etc., by posing questions on ecommerce platforms.  This organic ask about better audio capabilities complements the experience users seek from the smartphones they want to buy as increasingly it is being witnessed that the smartphone experience is impacted by the audio quality of the smartphone. In case of positive ratings (4 and 5) which are triggered by audio experience of the smartphones, around half of them are due to the presence of Dolby audio enhancement present in them.  This is followed by Dirac.

The smartphone OEMs are admittedly accepting this changing user sentiment and are incorporating audio enhancement from leading suppliers to the smartphone models they launch. In the first four months of 2022, 1 out of every 4 smartphones launched was equipped with a Dolby enhancement that was followed by Dirac with 13% of the launches. The smartphone OEMs are not keeping the audio enhancements restricted to premium category smartphones only and are increasingly working on mainstreaming this trend with introductions in the mid and basic segments as well.

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