By Faisal Kawoosa
Dissatisfaction with display, camera, and battery back-up among top 6 reasons triggering faster replacements among smartphone users in India.
July 22, 2022

Smartphone users are increasingly becoming content consumers leading to increased dissatisfaction of specifications helping consume content.  Audio likely to be added soon to the reasons.

In a recently concluded study in June 2022, covering 1,000 smartphone users across India owning smartphones in under ₹30,000 price segment, the growing dissatisfaction of performance of specifications primarily used during content consumption features among the top 6 reasons triggering replacement of smartphones within 6 months.

32% or 1 in every 3 smartphone users falling in this price segment changes the smartphone in less

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By Techarc
Audio Experience pivotal to the satisfaction of Smart TV users
May 18, 2022

Display quality is now playing a minimal role in the Smart TV experience; two-third of consumers decide around the specifications of the TV while exploring their purchase.

An analysis of over 40,000 questions and reviews put across by users of Smart TVs on key ecommerce platforms reveals that the quality of audio delivered by the Smart TVs is pivotal in defining the overall experience. 

Contrary to the quality of the display, which was few years back an anchor differentiation for Smart TVs, users are now finding the audio experience

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