Smartphone users find gaps in the experience of Battery, Memory & Storage and Audio experience.

Camera stands out others where experience is exceeding expectations indicating early signs of saturation.

Dolby, among the leading technology providers for smartphone OEMs besides Qualcomm and MediaTek in terms of recall and awareness.

As per the April 2022 GAP Analysis of top 5 parameters defining smartphone expectations among buyers, there is an increasing ask from the potential users about Battery, Memory & Storage and Audio experience before they make their decision to purchase. On the other side, there is still scope to improve the experience on these parameters.  Camera is the only distinct parameter where the experience exceeds expectations.

The key five attributes have a defining impact on the positive ratings smartphones get on the popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.  Camera leads in terms of getting high order positive rating of 5 and 4, with 45.9% and 42.6% 5-star ratings being attributed to the performance and camera quality.  This is followed by Battery, Display, Audio and Storage in that order. For the smartphone OEMs, its equally important to improve performance and experience of these parameters to fetch more positive ratings that have a direct bearing on the ‘saleability’ of the smartphones.

Among the top 5 parameters, Audio stands out distinct in terms of users looking for the technology behind its enhancement.  This makes the awareness of the technology providers in the audio space high across these 5 parameters.  Within audio enhancement technology providers, Dolby leads the recall as well as in impact on the positive ratings that the users rank their smartphones with. Close to 70% of the 5- and 4-star ratings within audio, are attributed to the presence of Dolby technology in these smartphones by the users.  This makes Dolby, not only a high awareness and recall technology provider within audio, but across the component and technology makers for smartphones.  Other than Dolby, Qualcomm and MediaTek are the other two technology makers in the smartphone ecosystem which have high awareness among users.

For the remaining smartphone attributes within the top 5, though Smartphone OEMs do talk and promote about the makers of image sensors, lens, display, etc., it is yet to get registered in the minds of users who are looking for a smartphone.

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