By Saloni Jain
eCommerce For The New Digital Natives of India
June 3, 2022

Covid19 has proven to be a blessing in disguise for the eCommerce industry across the globe. From change in consumption patterns to lifestyle habits, accelerated use of the internet to smartphone penetration, the changes, ever since, have been on the rise. Digital has become a medium of convenience rather than just a tool to scout to the internet. From searching for new products and services to accessing and experiencing them online, digital consumers are hooked on the Internet for all their needs.

eCommerce in India witnessed its euphoric moment during the

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Digital Republic
By Faisal Kawoosa
The Digital Republic!
January 26, 2022

If the decade of 90s is known as the LPG decade, 2010 onwards it has been the decade of digital which is making the country Republic to its essence.

One of the fundamental inherent ingredients of technology especially the digitally led technologies is that it empowers the end users. This is the essence of being a republic nation as well. While in democracy the people get a chance to elect their representatives, republic ensures that the power rests with the people through their elected representatives.

Digital ecosystem

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