The ABCD of smartphones!

OEMs need to now focus on audio in addition to Camera, Battery and Display as consumer conversations are increasing in that direction. 

A recent Tech Insight revealed how performance of the smartphones is what defines the experience of the users which they weigh against the expectations set out by looking at the specifications and features.   

Across the expectations as well as experience, one thing is standing out distinctly.  The smartphone users are pushing OEMs to fine tune each and every major specification to get that holistic experience from the device.  The users are absolutely correct in asking this way as the smartphone is supposed to perform several use cases, being the most preferred companion device. 

In an analysis of over 50,000 questions and comments by smartphone users across key online marketplaces, one can find that the conversation is gradually shifting from the usual camera, which enjoys being the main specification of the smartphone users like to explore and talk about.  Rather than talking about how the call quality is one the phone, the first thing majority of the users check out is the camera quality.  

Of recently, the two more areas getting attention are display and the battery.  Due to the refresh rate importance and utility that OEMs have increased awareness about, especially while playing games, etc., users are wanting to know more about the display both at the time of exploring as well as sharing their experience about the smartphones.  Battery has also seen phenomenal changes in recent times.  There is a constant increase in the capacity in terms of mAh as well as the charging innovation with the focus around charging speed has again got the attention of users towards it. 

The conversations don’t stop here!  Users are wanting to learn about audio quality and capabilities of smartphones also.  This is one to the fact that during covid-19 work from home setup, the importance of a good quality audio was realised. The second, more important and long term, is that people are increasingly realising that enjoying an immersive experience is impossible without complementing audio experience.  In fact, feeling that display alone is responsible for an immersive experience would be a misnomer.

After several years of focusing on display and then camera, the smartphone OEMs have intensified upping the battery experience.  In the past few months alone, OEMs have started offering 2 times of the charging power helping users to rapidly charge their devices. 

The data analysed suggests that users are now getting interested about the audio experience and among the themes of conversations they have on the leading ecommerce marketplaces, audio related questions are 4th most distinct theme of conversations.  This means that users are asking now about audio also in terms of number of speakers as well as the enhancements like Dolby support. 

What is interesting to note is that the investment and effort put in by the OEMs is also recognised and rewarded by users with positive feedback impacting the experience.  As OEMs started improving the battery experience, the organic rating on experience also improved and users started reviewing the battery usage positive.  Similarly, as OEMs will enhance the audio experience, it will also fetch positive feedback from users justifying their investment of money and time for it. 

As we all gear up for a rejuvenated smartphone opportunity which had got spoilt due to covid and then supply chain disturbances, the OEMs need to look at the holistic experience which they can only after by setting the ABCD of smartphones in order through an equal emphasis on these 4 key areas that are building the present conversations.